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Collaborative Launch Management

Collaborate with a dedicated team of work at home moms to ensure a stress-free and successful launch of your online course or program.

You're a successful creative with a thriving business.

You're ready to share your big idea with the world, but the thought of launching your program or course is freaking you out. There's just so much tech, and so much to remember!

"The panic is attacking me"

- Rex from Toy Story


You know that there's a lot to do with a launch, but how do you know what to do and when?

  • You're brilliant at what you do, but you know you don't have all the tools, team members or skills to pull a launch together?

  • How do you find the team to help you? Managing people is stressful! That's why you work for yourself.

  • You've seen other people panic at the last minute about all the things they need.

  • How will you know you have everything you need?

  • Your partner or friends are already stressed about how it's going to affect you or your relationships.

  • You know you want to share your knowledge with the world, but you don't want the stress, panic or time-suck that comes with doing a launch on your own.

"Reach for the sky!"

- Woody from Toy Story

You want the joy of a successful launch!

The raving students who lap up every word you have to share with them. A course that is easy to access for students, and that's easy for you to keep up to date. You want a team that delivers things you need days or weeks before you need them because everyone is on the same page. You want to go into your launch secure in the knowledge that everything is organised and ready, and that you still have immense creative juices flowing.

You want the whole launch process to feel like child's play! Fun, Easy, Smooth!

You can go from frazzled & stressed out to happy creative sharing your genius

with the support of our CoLAUNCH system.

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You've got a friend in me
You got troubles, I've got 'em too
There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
We stick together and see it through
'Cause you've got a friend in me

~ Theme song from Toy Story

Maybe you've launched before and don't know how this will be different.

Perhaps you've bought a launch task list and looked at everything you needed to do and changed your mind. You know the stress involved in getting everything together for a launch, whether you've done one yourself or watched someone else do it.

Maybe you've seen those 7 figure businesses launch and wondered how they do it and look so good at the same time.

Having an experienced team to support you during this time can make all the difference!

Lists are helpful, but experience and the human touch can make the biggest difference.

We've been in the trenches during a launch, and we bring that experience to support and guide you through your next launch.


"You have saved our lives.
We are eternally grateful."

- The Aliens from Toy Story


Movie quotes are great, but this is what our real clients have to say about the support we provide:

Imagine launching your program without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Instead, you have a clear plan and a team of experts behind you to ensure success.

What if you could have:
  • A clear understanding of what you need and where to get it for your launch

  • An achievable to-do list that's easy to follow

  • Technical aspects taken care of so you don't have to learn new skills

  • All the pieces in place well before launch day

  • A team that delivers on time without you having to chase them

  • Clearly defined goals and a team that's fully on board with your ideas

  • Someone who makes numbers exciting and easy to understand

  • The freedom to work within your sphere of genius

  • Enough sleep to feel refreshed and energised throughout your launch

  • Quality time with your family without sacrificing the success of your launch

  • A smooth and stress-free process for handling questions and clients

  • A burst of creativity and excitement to share with the world

  • Anticipation for your next launch before the current one is even finished

Say goodbye to launch anxiety and hello to a successful and fulfilling launch experience.

Sounds like pie in the sky dreaming, doesn't it? It's not!

CoLaunch logo full Canva

Our CoLAUNCH system utilises the skills of our entire WAHM team.

We assist you with everything from pre-launch checklists and strategies, to running your online course with ease and expertise. We help with the tech, people management and workflow so that you always know what's needed of you and when.

Lenny the binos
Not Lost. Not Anymore

What planet are you on? Launch Clarity Call

Get a clear snapshot of your launch strategy, team, and outcomes with our collaborative Launch Clarity Call. We'll ask you key questions to help you define your goals, identify gaps, and make recommendations for success.

To-Do to TA-DA! Task Management Made Easy

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to productivity with our customised ClickUp Task Management Template. Designed specifically for your unique offering, you'll be able to map out every task, assign responsibilities, and stay on track to achieve your launch goals.

Systems Check Platform and Tech Check

Ensure your tech and platforms are set up for success. We'll conduct a comprehensive tech and platform audit to ensure that everything is set up correctly and functioning seamlessly. From guiding you through account setup to ensuring that all integrations are hooked up correctly, we've got you covered.

Lego Woody
Falling with Style

Ignite your Launch Elevate your Sales Page

Elevate your Sales Page with our professional design and copywriting services. We'll install and configure the necessary plugins and ensure everything runs smoothly. Count on us to look after your website throughout our contract.

Rocket your Course Course Creation & Correction

Get assistance with creating your online course, from tech set-up to content uploading. We'll ensure that all tech is in place and functioning correctly, including payment platforms, email marketing, and program-related communications.

Countdown Promotions Marketing Done and Dusted

Maximize your launch period with our prepped and scheduled email marketing and social media posts. We'll help you create and update posts for multiple social media platforms, tailored to your unique audience. Our email marketing includes build-up, pre-launch, launch, and post-launch sequences, all set up for maximum impact.

Lego Buzz Lightyear
To Infinity & Beyond

Trajectory Your Custom Flight Path

Get a clear understanding of the numbers for your business and launch with customised spreadsheets and access to our numbers guru who can make numbers fun and useful for creatives and business growth.

Blast Off Support Admin automated

Relax knowing your inbox and student management are handled before, during and after your launch. Our team will manage student group engagement, handle queries, and follow up on payment plans so you can focus on what you do best.

Orbit on Autopilot Relax and plan your next launch!

Keep your orbit steady with ongoing social media management, email marketing, and student communication so you can focus on delivering your amazing course content, and nurturing your ideas for future offerings. 

Working with WAHM on your launch is a collaborative experience. We work WITH you to ensure that YOUR launch is the best it can be.

The tools we use to manage your launch include:

  • ClickUp to manage your launch task list,

  • Telegram or Slack to connect with you on questions and team chat,

  • 1Password to manage passwords,

  • WordPress for your website and course platform

and we do it all with the juggling pizzazz of a Work at Home Mom.

We recommend that you start the process at least 2 months before you plan to launch your program, but 3-4 months in advance is ideal.

Our system runs for 6 months which include 12 weeks pre-launch, 4-6 weeks launch period and 8-10 weeks post-launch.

We start with a one-hour Zoom call to chat about your goals and strategy for the launch. Followed by a questionnaire and another Zoom Call afterwards introducing you to the team who will be working with you. We continue with regular, monthly calls throughout the launch preparation, launch and post-launch period.

Next, we set up your customised task platform, and share that with everyone on your team. We offer complimentary, DIY training on the platform, for anyone new to the platform.

Once we have these key aspects set up we move into the doing, scheduling and coordinating of the launch with you. You will have a dedicated Launch Commander and a team who commit to giving their best to your launch.

What is the investment?


$15 997 Once-off Payment

CoLAUNCH Payment Plan

$2 797 per month x 6

We're a team of work at home moms who are passionate about tech and working with creatives. We've created the CoLAUNCH system to support the people we know we work best with.

This is for you if:
  • You're a creative ready to teach your knowledge
  • You know what you want to put out into the world, you just need support and direction to move forward
  • You're excited to work with a team, even if you've never done it before
  • You're brilliant at what you do, but realise you don't have all the skills needed for a launch.
  • You've got a business coach, and are looking for the skills to launch, not coaching
  • The flexibility of a virtual team is appealing
  • Working with moms is an empowering thought
  • You're based in the European time zone, or happy to communicate during work hours in this time zone.

"You've got a play-date with destiny!"

- Lotso from Toy Story 3

- Lotso from Toy Story 3

This is not for you if:
  • You're unsure of what you want to launch
  • You don't want to use new tools or learn new ways of doing things
  • You're looking for launch or business coaching
  • You want strict office hours, and don't value flexibility
  • The idea of the occasional child in the background of a call is abhorrent (It even happened on BBC News!)

"Oh, I hate all this uncertainty!"

- Rex from Toy Story

- Rex from Toy Story

It feels like everyone is launching something at the moment. How would you feel to have a successful, stress-free launch full of ease and fun?

You've read the e-books, and signed up for various training courses on how to launch, but it all just looks so complicated. Wouldn't it feel amazing to have a team on your side, helping you do ALL.THE.THINGS on time and without stress?

It's possible. Nicola launched her second course while she travelled around New Zealand with her family in a campervan. And launched her evergreen course while shooting full-time on a movie set.

So what makes the team at WAHM So special?

"You're cute when you care."

- Bo Peep from Toy Story

Bo Peep and sheep

WAHM Launch Support is a team of technically-skilled Work At Home Moms. The team is based in beautiful, sunny South Africa. We have team members who specialise in everything from WordPress websites, to accounting; and admin to email marketing.

At WAHM we know how a creative mind functions. We love your attention to detail. We understand that your brain doesn't like the daily grind. We talk in colour and can think in feelings!

We love the technical side of things. We love number crunching (well some of us do!). We love sorting inboxes. We love managing clients and following up. It's our superpower!

This makes us uniquely positions to support you in your launch and beyond.

WAHM VAs are different because:

  • We're part of a team, so we've always got back up.

  • We're motivated to upskill and have the opportunity to attend multiple training sessions

  • We're moms - we know what it means to juggle roles.

  • We're entrepreneurial - most of us have run multiple businesses

  • We've been handpicked to offer the best services to creative entrepreneurs in particular.

"I have a question. No. Wait.
I have ALL the Questions."

- Trixie from Toy Story



We're moms, these are things that play over and over in our homes and our heads. If we're going to have a launch system, you can't avoid references to rockets and space, so why not tie it into a series of movies about working together (Collaboration) that also has quotes for rockets and space (Launch).