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How to launch an online program successfully with less stress and still feel creative.

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The Launch Checklist will show you:

  • How to launch your next program and not be stressed to the max
  • The number one thing that is guaranteed to reduces stress in an online launch
  • How to stay creative and enjoy the process of launching multiple times a year.
  • Everything you need to know and do to ensure that you tick all the boxes for your next successful launch.

These Clients used the Launch Checkist

I like to think I'm fairly tech savvy but things were going wrong for absolutely no reason and I feel like I was firefighting left, right and centre. I was already overstretched and I didn't have the mental headspace for any other challenges
WAHM were able to just come in and deal with the issues for me and take the stress away - no stress, no hassle the issues just disappeared!
Danielle G

Danielle G

Integrative Brand Designer