The quick and powerful Gmail trick everyone should know!

How to create multiple email addresses with a simple + sign.

We have all suffered the frustration! You sign up to receive an email for a discount or a freebie – or just that yummy cheesecake recipe – and then you get spammed with a million related (or not even related) emails. It’s frustrating right?

We have a quick fix and you are going  to love it.

All you need to do is insert a + after your user name, followed by a word that gives contents for you, before the @ sign of your Google email address. This trick works with both Google Workspace accounts and regular @gmail accounts.

So assuming you have multiple interests, like the rest of us, such as you belong to a Photography group, and thanks to the cheesecake recipe you now need to diet, so you join a banting group, you’ve bought a new pair of jeans and you’re a fan of pugs. Using this simple hack you add +photography, +banting, +onlineshopname, +pug between your username and the @ symbol, you can now use that to filter the emails using Google’s powerful email filter system.

To Recap in quick steps:

  1. Add + after your user name when entering your email address anywhere
  2. Then a word that makes sense to you
  3. Finish your regular gmail or Google workspace email address
  4. Set up a filter in your Google Inbox to handle emails with that address
  5. Enjoy a streamlined and cleaner inbox.

So how does the email + hack work?

That’s the beauty of how easy this is to use. Google basically ignores anything between the + and the @ and handles the mail with your regular email address. However email systems and your filtering recognise what’s between the symbols and you can use it to filter, forward and archive using Google’s brilliant mail rules.

This means that you can create a whole bunch of email addresses without having to set them up as aliases or additional email accounts. You can create emails on the fly and always have the context right there in the email address. Just remember though, that as far as we know this only works with Gmail and Google Workspace email addresses.

How can I use this in my online business?

This is a great tool for testing your own sign up form for example. Email Marketing platforms recognise these as different email addresses, so you can test your workflows, course sign ups etc. It’s an amazingly easy and versatile hack for your business! You can also get rid of potential junk mail by signing up using your username “+junkmail” @gmail…, and then filter it to your junk mail folder and forget about it.

We hope this handy little Gmail hack will come in handy. If you would like to know more about WAHM you can contact us below. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Want to get help moving your business email to Google Workspace so you can also use this trick? Find out more here.

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Bianca Johnson

Bianca is the brains behind WAHM WorkSpace. A CEO, mom to two, wife to one, and in the many-paws (6 cats and a dog) phase of her life. A self taught digital native with a knack for translating concepts, she speaks creative and tech, and works at marrying the two both in her personal and professional life!

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