Virtual Assistant Retainers (and why your business needs one!)

Your business is growing. You’re in your element when you’re focused on your sphere of genius, but you’re spending more and more time on admin and ironing out things that are holding you back from doing what you love.

You’ve probably considered outsourcing

Your business coach and networking friends have raved about hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) or recommended outsourcing the mundane parts of your business. Making the switch from being a Solopreneur to having a team can be quite nerve racking, so often it feels easier to outsource single projects or single aspects of your business. 

But what happens when you DO outsource and your business gets to a point where it needs more and more hands? Suddenly the hours you’re purchasing aren’t enough. They’re piling on (did someone say added costs?) and it can turn into a stressful exercise trying to manage the various people you’re outsourcing pieces of your business to. 

Back to square one – you’re managing people, admin and ultimately the things that take you away from your sphere of genius which is where you’re happiest. 

Virtual Assistant Retainers offer peace of mind

This is when hiring a virtual assistance team or agency could be a game changer for your business. Choosing a retainer where the team always has time for you, and having an ongoing relationship with a team who knows your business, knows your brand and knows how you prefer to do things.

There are multiple members on the team who are able to assist in various areas of your business. You have access to a group of similar minded individuals who already have or can be given a clear idea of your business and how you do things. Someone’s assigned to do any necessary training to anyone new on the team and you’re able to outsource the work you don’t enjoy without the stress of having to manage multiple team members.

Having an ongoing relationship with a virtual assistant has a number of benefits.

You get someone who:

  • Knows your business, inside and out
  • Grows with you as your business grows
  • Knows your brand, your voice, and can articulate that without you constantly having to make edits or change whatever they’re working on
  • Can make decisions on minor things without checking with you 
  • Supports your desire to do the work you love 

You get to feel:

  • Less stressed knowing you have someone in your corner
  • Happy and fulfilled, since you’re not spending so much time IN your business
  • Secure in the knowledge that there are several people assisting you
  • At ease having a team of assistants who specialise in various industries
  • Excited about growing and expanding your business

The VA business also benefits

As a Virtual Assistance agency, this model provides benefits to our team, as an income is guaranteed and we no longer take on every project in order to make ends meet. This makes for a calm, well looked after team member who feels valued and naturally, they’ll stay for a longer period of time.

Our business is able to grow and expand, as we are secure in the knowledge that income won’t come to a grinding halt, and the cash flow projections for the business becomes predictable and sustainable.

Having an ongoing relationship with our clients gives us: 

  • Security in our income and workflow
  • The ability to grow and expand our team, skills and knowledge
  • Predictability in workload and tasks without having to over-extend ourselves
  • Happiness and joy in being able to support clients who value our services

With less stress on both sides of the working relationship, there is a greater opportunity for both the client and VA business to grow.

“Energy flows where focus goes”

Tony Robbins

Less stress leads to better business

As women with family responsibilities, all the juggling and wearing of different hats, it’s often difficult to see the effects of stress on our businesses. It’s part of our anatomy to just keep “carrying on” or “pushing through” that we seldom take a step back to regroup and reassess. 

At WAHM Workspace we keep a close eye on these external pressures by continuing to steer our business in a positive, stress-free direction and in turn we mitigate these aggravating circumstances for our valued clients.

With these factors considered, we will be offering a variety of virtual assistant retainers and packages for specific tasks. Retainer based clients enjoy the luxury of quicker response times from our team and pay reduced hourly rates when going outside of their retainer agreements.

The costs for each package will involve the whole team and are only available based on the team’s availability which reduces stress on all sides. Clients will be able to plan and map out their projects, and our VA’s won’t be overburdened.

If you’re ready to wipe a pile of stress off your business’s plate and hire a team that will support you in growing your business, then please take a look at our retainers and packages here.

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