What can a WAHM VA help you with?

What is a virtual assistant? A Virtual Assistant or abbreviated as VA is basically a person who, by means of a computer, works virtually providing various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location and is not present in physical terms.

So if you are a business owner OR entrepreneur who is struggling to keep on top of your game and make your business flourish because you are being bogged down by soul sucking tasks – hire a WAHM VA to help your business soar!

So what can a WAHM VA help you with?

Digital Marketing Tasks


Monthly email newsletter campaigns
Setting up your Email Marketing Account (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Convertkit etc)
Promoting your services/products to your customer list
Create campaigns around your unique brand style with social media links to increase engagement
Topic content research
Campaign success analytics


Update your social media accounts
Creating & Uploading posts (with Graphic Design assistance)
Setting up social scheduling tools
Uploading content to social scheduling tools
Posting to and managing your Facebook Business page.
Assisting with Facebook Group Management
Facebook Ads and ad campaigns to drive more traffic to your website
Instagram posts and interaction ( likes & comments)
Writing or updating online business profiles (e.g. LinkedIn)
Scheduling content to Pinterest, creating pins and analyzing Pinterest analytics


Sourcing photos
Editing photos
Creating graphics – Designing banners, headers and backgrounds


Updating the content of your websites
Installing & Updating Plugins
SEO optimization on your website
Managing your online course platform
Assisting with your online store management
Troubleshooting errors
Liaising with your Developer and/or hosting company
Tracking website metrics
Creating landing pages, splash pages & opt-in forms

Finance Tasks

Invoicing & debt collection
Personal and Business Tax Assistance
Creating invoice templates
Sending invoices
Processing payments
Managing affiliate payouts
Updating a profit and loss statement
Handling basic payroll duties
Data entry

General Administration Tasks


Setting up Gmail or other email client
Replying to common questions
Flagging important messages that need a reply
Following up on sent emails
Deleting spam
Unsubscribing from unwanted promotional lists
Tagging and archiving emails


Scheduling appointments and Tasks on your calendar
Research on your behalf

Why should I use a WHAM VA for my business you ask?

Hiring one of our VA’s will help keep you and your in-house team happy by getting the mundane tasks done. So you and the team can stay focused on the important things that need to be done in-person at the office and to grow your business. What we like to call “focusing on your sphere of genius”!

If you’re needing help figuring out what and how to outsource, we’ve got this free video which talks you through the steps to decide what and how to outsource.

*Disclaimer – This doesn’t apply to cooking, cleaning,changing nappies or dealing with grumpy partners! 🙂

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