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Boost Your Efficiency and Profitability: Must-Have Tools for Fearless Female coaches and Exceptional Entrepreneurs

Ready to take your online coaching business to new heights?
Keep reading to find out how the She Means Business Bundle can help you achieve your goals.

Are you struggling to manage the workload of your coaching business on your own? Are admin and technology tasks taking up too much of your time, leaving you little room for creativity and family?


Many coaches and entrepreneurs find it difficult to balance the business and creative aspects of their work. That's where the WAHM Launch Support team comes in.

from overwhelmed with tech to simplified success

Meet Nicola, a photographer and educator who is running multiple successful businesses simultaneously, but was struggling to manage the workload on her own. She was constantly overwhelmed with admin and technology tasks, which were taking up valuable time that could have been spent on the creative aspects of her work. The effort and time of building out all the technology and figuring out everything on her own was taking her away from her family as well.

Nicola Dove 5

Through working with the WAHM Launch Support team, Nicola's workload has been significantly reduced. Her simplified success looked like: 

  • Optimised tech systems and automated admin tasks.
  • A sales page with improved conversion rate which attracts more clients.
  • clarified brand message, ensuring consistency across all her online platforms.
  • A streamlined onboarding process providing a more welcoming experience for her new students.

With the help of the tools in this bundle and one on one calls with the team, Nicola is now able to focus more on the creative aspects of her work, spend precious time with her kids and is attracting more clients and students than ever before.

I want to be like Nicola!

Please save me time and optimise my online program.

This package deal is uniquely designed to help you maximise your impact and streamline your operations. If you already have an online program and are ready to take it to new heights, don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

The She Means Business Bundle covers:

  • Is your brand message clear and universal?
  • Are your systems and tools set up correctly and integrated well?
  • Is your membership onboarding giving the best first impression?
  • Does your Sales Page encourage your ideal clients to buy?

Why do I need this clarity?

The She Means Business Bundle is designed to help you quickly improve your online coaching business in multiple areas, providing you with comprehensive and actionable reviews of your brand, sales page, and onboarding process. Our team will provide you with specific suggestions to improve these areas, ensuring that your business is set up for success.

You get: 

  • A comprehensive, actionable review of your brand, sales page, and onboarding process
  • Specific suggestions to improve your brand messaging, sales page conversion, and membership onboarding experience
  • A detailed, proven check of all the technology systems in your business
  • Practical, simple advice on how to improve your tech systems
  • Speedy turnaround time with everything delivered within 3 working days of booking your scheduled date
  • Streamlined processes based on what works and doesn't work in the industry

This unique package comes from years of experience of our team working with multiple successful online business coaches behind the scenes and seeing what works and doesn’t in streamlining their thriving businesses.  

SSS Digital work from home

This is the clarity I need!

Take my online coaching business to the next level!

What's included?

The She Means Business Bundle is a comprehensive package designed specifically for female coaches who are ready to take their online program or course to the next level.

With this deeply discounted bundle, you'll receive four results-focused audits, all of which are aimed at improving different areas of your online coaching business.

But that's not all - when you purchase your She Means Business Bundle, you can choose the date you want to schedule your audits, and you'll receive your report within 3 business days! No waiting around for the audit to happen, or waiting for the results to be sent to you.

Here's what's included in the She Means Business Bundle:

Brand Messaging Snapshot

You know who your ideal client is, and you've invested in beautiful branding and a website that generates leads.

But something is still not quite working.

Let us take a journey across your entire online presence and help you identify where you need to tweak your visual and copy branding to ensure that your ideal client is getting the message you most want them to receive.

Valued at $497 as a standalone audit

Membership Onboarding Review

You've worked hard on your online program content and you know that you're delivering value.

But you want to make sure that your onboarding experience is as powerful as your content, and that you're providing a stand-out first impression.

Let us take your ideal client journey from buying through onboarding and help you see where improvements can be made.

Valued at $297, not available for purchase alone

You've set up all the accounts you need to run your online business, and your website is beautiful, but you're not sure if you're making the most of the available tools.

You're ready to take your business to the next level, but you're not sure if your systems are set up correctly.

Let us analyse your business in the online space, look at your front end, your back end, and everything in between, and provide you with recommendations for stress-free streamlining.

Valued at $497 as a standalone audit

Sales Page Review

You have a sales page set up, but you're not sure if it's encouraging your ideal clients to buy.

You want a comprehensive review of your page that will give you direction for improving your sales.

We'll record a first impression of the sales page on both desktop and mobile formats, and then provide you with a follow-up video recording of specific areas that can be improved.

Valued at $127 as a standalone audit

Two Hour Review Call

After you receive your audit reports, you'll book a call to discuss your results with our expert team during a 2-hour call. We'll go over the specifics of each audit and answer any questions you have.

This personalised call is a fantastic opportunity to clarify any areas that you're unsure about, and to create a clear action plan for implementing the suggestions from the audits. Our experienced team will provide you with tailored advice and support to help you take your online coaching business to the next level.

The review call is an investment in your business's future success!

Valued at $198 as a standalone call

Choose the

She Means Business Bundle today!

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The WAHM Launch Support team is a group of passionate, tech-savvy work at home mom virtual assistants who help creative female coaches to launch and run successful and profitable online programs. 

With 6 years experience and being involved in more than 25 online course launches they know what to expect, and have used all this experience to figure out what makes a successful launch. As a team of entrepreneurs themselves, they know all that goes into running your successful business and as working moms they know how to juggle and keep an eye on the bigger picture at all times. Their time supporting 6- and 7-figure business owners, like Sabrina Philipp and Celine Da Costa, has shown them how to work with teams big and small and ensure your success too. 

Bianca and Adrienne (CEO and CFO) live in beautiful KwaZulu Natal, South Africa with their families and pets. If they’re not behind their computers, you’ll find them drinking coffee in a natural environment to recharge. Adrienne at the beach, and Bianca in the bush!

Our clients want you to know

This is for you if:

  • You're a female coach looking to take your online program or course to the next level
  • You're a business owner who has set up your online business but is unsure if you are making the most of your tools
  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to ensure your onboarding experience is as powerful as your content and provides a stand out first impression.
  • You're an individual who wants to improve your sales page to encourage more purchases from ideal clients.
  • You’re a small business owner who wants expert help to analyse your business in the online space and identify areas for significant improvement.
  • The flexibility of a virtual team is appealing and working with moms is an empowering thought

This is not for you if:

  • You're not a female coach or you don't have an online program or course.
  • You’re a business owner who is happy with your current online presence and do not want to make any changes.
  • You're already confident that your online business is running at peak performance.
  • You're not open to receiving constructive feedback on your business and making improvements.
  • You're looking for a quick fix without putting in any effort or making changes to your online presence.
  • The idea of the occasional child in the background of a call is terrible and you are looking for strict office hours

This is so me!

I'm ready to feel empowered with my tech!

Streamline your business with our She Means Business Bundle.

  • Brand Messaging Snapshot

    $497 Value

  • Membership Onboarding Review

    $297 Value

  • Systems Check Snapshot

    $497 Value

  • Sales Page Review

    $127 Value

  • Review Call

    $198 Value


    $1616 Value

Exclusive She Means Business Bundle

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This bundle is exclusively available during the 10 day sale until 19 May 2023. You’ll be able to buy the individual audits at other times at their regular price


Darling Motivating Mamas, Fearless Female coaches and Exceptional Entrepreneurs!

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