WAHM Launch Support Business Tools

Our Business Tools snapshots are a quick way for you to get clarity on what tech can be improved in your business. Our experienced team of tech VAs know what to check, are exceptional at becoming your customer and are uniquely positioned to give you a detailed review. 

Streamline your tech for quick and easy success!

These business tools are a simple and quick way for you to get detailed feedback on how to improve your client's journey with your business.

  • Is your brand message clear and universal?
  • Are your systems and tools set up correctly and integrated well?
  • Is your membership providing the best client journey?
  • Does your Sales Page do what you want it to?

The WAHM Launch Support team is the perfect team to do this as we've:

    • Worked on more than 25 course launches
    • Helped dozens of entrepreneurs update their sales pages and online courses
    • Supported multiple 5-figure launches with all the tech
    • Set up and finessed many online course programs for clients
    • Taken so many online courses we know what works and doesn't

Business Tools

Choose the tool below that suits you best, or scroll to the bottom to choose multiple options.

You know who your ideal clients is!

You’ve spent good money on beautiful branding!

You’ve got a website that is bringing you leads, and getting in front of people!

But something is still not quite working!!

Let us go on your customer journey across your entire online presence and help you identify where you need to tweak your visual or copy branding to ensure that your ideal client is getting the message that you most want them to get.

Our package includes:

  • an initial call to identify what your message is and who your ideal client is.
  • our team going through your online presences as if we were the nosiest client you could ever receive
  • a detailed report of your customer’s journey throughout your online space
  • a 1 hour call to provide feedback and recommendations

You have an online course or membership program and you’re looking to makes sure it’s making the right impression.

You’ve worked hard on your content and know that you’re delivering value.

You’ve had some feedback on the experience, or are seeing a drop in engagement with your members or students.

You are looking for ways to improve your client experience

Let us take your client journey from browsing to buying and beyond.

Our package includes:

  • an initial call to identify what your business does, the ideal client for your course or membership, and any specific concerns you may have.
  • our team going through your course or membership as the most pedantic client ever.
  • a detailed report of what’s working, what’s not and where improvements could be made. This includes videos of anything that may need it.
  • a 1 hour call to discuss your report.

You have an online business and have set up all the accounts you need!

You’ve spent good money on beautiful branding!

You’ve got a website but it’s not doing what you’re hoping it would for your business!

You’re wanting to take your business to the next level, but aren’t sure if you’ve got your systems right!!

Let us analyse your business in the online space. We’ll be a nosy potential client and click all the buttons, check that everything links up correctly and give advice on the best things to improve from an online business perspective.

Our package includes:

  • an initial call to identify what your business does, the tech and platforms that you use, and the goal of your business.
  • our team going through your online presence and testing and checking every aspect with regards to your tech and systems. 
  • a detailed report of our findings and recommendations of your online space. 
  • a detailed recommendation on what tech aspects should be improved on for the quickest and most effective improvements.
  • a 1 hour call to discuss your report.
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